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First Aid Kits

C P R Mouth Pieces

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First Aid Kits

First Aid Bag Eva

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First Aid Kits

Firstar Home Care Kit

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First Aid Kits

Rescue Blanket Adult

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Omnisurge - first aid kits  

First Aid Kits

Be it in the home, at the workplace, on the field or in your car, it’s essential to stock first aid kits. It is required by law to have a regulation first aid kit on hand in the office in case of emergencies. Home care also requires that one has braces and supports on hand to tend to injured limbs or your neck.

Our braces and supports boast new and innovative designs that allow for strong tensile force and unique materials that support elasticity longitudinal and latitudinal directions. We stock ankle, knee, wrist and elbow supports, as well as cervical collars and collar & cuff sets.

It’s also essential to keep first aid kits stocked with the necessary supplies. Bandages, plasters, butterfly stitching, gauze, cold packs, antiseptic, blood spillage kits, scissors, gloves, splints and various other necessities.

When it comes to travel by land or by sea, a first aid kit is essential as you are likely far out of reach of medical services. We stock first aid kits in waterproof boxes for those travelling by boat, while also stocking an extensive range of auto first aid kits for cars. If you’re ever in an accident, yourself or others can at least assist in tending to minor injuries.

It is also recommended to have a first aid kit in your own home. Accidents happen quickly, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to be prepared. It allows for quick reactions and treatment before further medical attention is needed if any.

All our first aid kits, their contents, and our braces/supports conform to government and healthcare requirements and standards.